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SchoolGuide is the most searched and definitive guide to schools in South Africa.

Visitors find, compare and select schools based on criteria that are important to them, as well as find other useful schooling related news, articles and information.
SchoolGuide has approximately 1.5 million visitors annually (2014: 1.5m sessions, 1m users, 3.6m page views).  Visitors are parents looking for information about schools and schooling.

SchoolGuide offers prospective brands and advertisers a unique opportunity to positively associate their brand, product or service with schools and schooling in South Africa.  SchoolGuide is a local-specific directory, and provides interest location as well as a host of other tags related to schools and school information our users are reviewing.

SchoolGuide is looking for advertising partnerships with brands and companies that want to be seen to add value to the community of school going families in South Africa. Click Here to view our Rate Card.

If you require immediate advertising options and pricing please contact jackie@schoolguide.co.za

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Posted in For Advertisers

Get your message delivered to our large audience of active, educated and affluent parents and learners. Engage with our users in South Africa we reach thousands of people daily.

SchoolGuide is South Africa’s leading school information website featuring data on thousands of schools. Over 1.5 Million visitors come to SchoolGuide every year looking for information on schools, education and related products and services.

Whether you are a school wanting to reach a large number of education-focused parents across South Africa or a lifestyle brand looking to boost awareness or to promote a seasonal campaign, SchoolGuide can help.

We offer banner advertising on our site as well as in our newsletters that are delivered to parents, learners and schools.

We can tailor make a campaign to suite your budget with a minimum investment of R250 by booking in our banner pool to a specialized campaigns including pop-ups, banners, content, newsletter inserts and detailed statistics.

We do not offer direct marketing to our user base but can include your campaign or content as part of our newsletter.

Please contact Jackie Brindley jackie@schoolguide.co.za for more information

Understanding banner jargon can sometimes be confusing we have started by explaining some of the simpler terms:

CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
The term for advertising that is purchased on the basis of impressions (also known as views). The total price for CPM advertising is calculated by multiplying the CPM rate by the number of CPM units.

For example, fifteen thousand impressions at R20 CPM equals a total price of R250.
For example, one hundred thousand impressions at R20 CPM equals a total price of R2000.

Banner Sizes and Resolution
Print resolution is greater than computer screen resolution. You will need to design a banner specifically optimized for internet usage, we cannot use your banner designed for magazines.

All our banner sizes are measured in pixels, only print media can be measured in centimetres. Resolution is a measure of how many dots of information occur in a square inch (dpi).

All images displayed on the web must be at 72dpi. If you need assistance to design a banner please let us know.

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