Nikki Bush: Back to school sanity saver #9 Homework

After extra-murals comes homework and only then comes time watching TV, playing games on devices and the like. If you put this boundary in place from the very beginning you won’t be fighting, nagging and arguing later on.

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Nikki Bush: You Really can make Homework Fun

When it comes to doing homework at the end of a long day, it can be a bit of a mission to motivate your kids to be enthusiastic about what has to be done. They have already spent hours in class with pens, pencils and paper and now they must do more of the same.

I often talk about being a source of magic, wonder and surprise for your children — not every day, but from time-to-time, and when you are wearing your homework motivator hat, this is the time to pull a cat out of that hat. Now here is the trick to keep up your sleeve for those desperate moments — change the medium!


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Nikki Bush: When the going gets tough

Life will bring all of our children a dose of interference from time-to-time. This might make them angry, anxious, depressed or upset. These feelings are normal, as long as they are short- lived and appropriately managed for the lessons they can teach and the growth they bring, albeit uncomfortable or even painful at the time. 


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Nikki Bush: Something Just Clicked!

Something clicked “Something’s clicked!” were my sister’s words to me when we were discussing her six year old daughter’s progress on the tennis court.

“I don’t know what’s happened but it’s starting to come together,” she added. It reminded me of my boys when they first started off in the game (as with any other sport). To begin with, their shots were almost mechanical in their execution – they were paying attention to every aspect of the shot, overemphasising each movement, making it look awkward.

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Nikki Bush - What Does Your Child Really Need?

In all the rush and hurry of going back to school, public holidays and settling into new schedules and routines, there is a lot than needs to be done, but in amongst it all, don't forget to be emotionally present. Ensure you are not just micro-managing and 'doing' your child like a project, but enjoy moments of 'being' with your child too. 

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Gutsy Tutor: 10 Signs Your Child Needs Extra Lessons

As a parent it is sometimes difficult to know when your child is struggling and needs extra help They are often embarrassed and feel insecure, and would rather not mention that they are struggling. How are you to decipher that their turbulent teenage tantrums could be stemming from something other than those horrific hormones? Do you come to the full realization only when you are faced with the drop in their report card? Or do you determine now whether your child requires an extra boost to not only lift their marks, but their self esteem too? Carla van Staden tells us how.


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Gutsy Tutor: Help your Child Study Without a Fight

It’s been a long day, you’re tired and yet again the living room is filled with outbursts of “Stop telling me how it’s done!” or “I don’t need your help!” from your child as you vow to say calm not thwack them over the head. Does this sound familiar? Expert tutor Carla van Staden shares her top tips on how to help your child study without it ending in tears.

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Tips to Survive High School

If you want to survive High School you actually have to pass. That's a sound tip from Carla van Staden from Gutsy Tutoring. Carla knows all about High School and how to cruise through it. Here's her advice to students.

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Doc Tracey: Friend trouble? Help your child handle emotions

Harry Potter was rejected, several times.  If author J.K. Rowling hadn't kept trying publisher after publisher, we'd all have missed out on some great adventures.  She didn’t take it personally and give up.  She believed enough in herself and her abilities to try yet another publisher. Dr Tracey Stewart is a developmental psychologist working with children. She gives us tips on how to handle it if your child is rejected. 

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My special needs son

I am a special mom. Yes that's right I said special not special needs. I am special because I have the gift of a child who sees the world through a filter that has changed us and how we view the world and ourselves, and continues to (gently and sometimes not so gently) change and challenge us every day.

My eldest son is on the autistic spectrum he is PDD (Nos) which means exactly... not much.

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Dr Tracey: Time Management Tricks for Parents and Pupils

b2ap3_thumbnail_drtracey.jpgTime management is about weaving a life that is aligned with what matters most to you and will lead you to the most success.  It is a skill which should be taught from a very early age. You can teach your child to do this, but also apply this to your own life. Development psycologist Dr Tracey Stewart tells us how.  

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How to Make a Good Subject Choice

b2ap3_thumbnail_drtracey.jpgChosing which subjects you want to take is a great lesson in future planning for your child. Starting in Grade 7 the choices are going to guide their future studies, and even careers. Every successful concept in life requires a proper framework and strategic planning. See this as an exercise to talk about your child's future, dreams and plans. Developmental psycologist Dr Tracey Stewart of Headwise shows us how to plan together. 

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Bullying: How to Handle it

b2ap3_thumbnail_drtracey.jpg The primary objective of human beings is to belong. A sense of belonging creates a feeling of being loved and valued, a feeling of acceptance.  Children, most especially, need to feel loved, valued and accepted firstly within their family units and then in their extended communities.  Dr Tracey Stewart from Headwise is our expert on developmental psychology. She tells us how to handle it if your child is being bullied - or is the bully.


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