A Naughty Child Is A Discouraged Child!


We are social beings. We live in a social system and are governed by rules and regulations that make up our society. As children we strive to find our place first in our family, then in school and then in society. From infancy our earliest attempts are in finding ways to belong and to be significant. Our behaviour is goal oriented. We continue behaviours that result in being included and we abandon behaviours that exclude us.

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Tossing Playground Rules


When one New Zealand school tossed its playground rules and let students risk injury, the results were surprising AUCKLAND, New Zealand — It was a meeting Principal Bruce McLachlan awaited with dread.

One of the 500 students at Swanson School in a northwest borough of Auckland had just broken his arm on the playground, and surely the boy’s parent, who had requested this face-to-face chat with its headmaster, was out for blood.

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How to Study for Exams


Exams are a necessary and stressful part of education. Since they are so important, you need to study in ways that get the best results. Here are some ways to improve your study skills. Adapt them to your needs and environment to make the best of your education.

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Using Correct Tools To Determine Your Child’s Future


In the last six months my step-daughter (Grade 12) has been living with us, we have seen many of her school leaving friends been very disappointed that they are unable to fulfill thier dreams, simply because of poor subject choices. We asked Dr. Tracey Stewart (Expert in Developmental Psychology and ECD in Private Practice - Headwiseonline2u.co.za) to write an article for us that outlines the importance of subject choices and what we as parents can do to assist our children to reach their full potential.

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The Pro’s & Con’s Of “The Gap Year”


Knowing that matriculation is just around the corner brings to most late teenagers a knowing that the future now holds a certain amount of freedom and that there are infinite possibilities in that freedom.  The possibilities rest alluringly in this age-group who is just beginning to acquaint themselves with their own character - their vulnerabilities and their strengths.  It is the fragile emotional interaction taking place now that can determine whether freedom is a gift or a curse. As the more experienced of the two, and very likely the banker, it is up to you to guide your teenager in their most suitable direction.  

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