How to Survive High School


Ah, High School… that age old nemesis. That cruel mistress who we must all defeat in order to enter into “adulthood” and officially climb onto the ladder that leads to “freedom”.  It would appear that nothing short of superpowers could help us get through the turmoil that is teenage-hood, but alas we do not have that luxury. For those of you who simply wish to get by unscathed and in more or less one piece, read on as we share with you the top ten tips for surviving your high school experience.

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How to Balance Your University Life


You’ve finally done it! You have achieved the ultimate greatness and entered into the exciting world of freedom and parties that is University student life. However, with this opportunity comes a great deal of responsibility. Read on as we share our top 5 tips on how to find the balance between social life and academics.

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Career Assessments


As a parent you will know the affect you have on your child’s personal and academic development. You are also well aware that the career choice your child will make will affect where they will get to live, how much they will get to earn and who their friends will be.  

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The Benefits of Taking A Gap Year


A gap year is the period between the end of Secondary School/Grade 12 and further study, and it is intended to be exactly that – Just ONE Year! The question that haunts every parent at the end of their child's long school career is: should they do it?!

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What if I can't Pay School Fees?

money Photo by from Pexels

If you cannot pay school fees you can apply for help. Your first stop is the Parents School Governing Body (SGB) where you can apply for conditional, partial or full exemption from paying school fees. You need to ask the principal or the office for an application form. They will have to assist you with this and it is their duty to help you.

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