Safety and Security Checklist


You are trusting the school to look after your child. You need to know that they will be safe, secure and well cared for in that environment. Here's a helpful checklist we've compiled to help you put your mind at ease:

Here's a helpful checklist we've compiled to help you put your mind at ease:

  • Is the preschool in a secure environment? Are there locked gates with controlled access?
  • Does the school have a collection policy that only allows your children to leave school with someone else? 
  • Is there supervision at all times in the different play areas?
  • Are there alarms? Smoke detectors? More than one exit to the school grounds? Is the school linked to a security company?
  • Does the school have webcams that ONLY parents are able to access during school hours?
  • Is there a doctor/clinic/hospital close by?
  • Does the school have a policy to check toys/grounds/jungle gyms for safety and use each day?
  • How many of the staff are qualified in First Aid? Is there a registered nurse on the school premises at all times?

Early Childhood Development Centres have to be registered with the Department of Social Development (DSD). It assures that a preschool meets certain basic safety and quality standards. Preschools should also have registered with the Local Municipality to obtain a license to operate, as well as the Department of Education and Department of Health to meet minimum requirements. You can check that all of these documents are in place by asking.

Make sure you visit the school. Look around. Get a feel for it. The overall school environment, their teachers and carers should give the impression that this is a safe, clean, healthy and loving environment where your child will be happy.

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