Teach Me 2 Launches Technology Tutoring

Teach Me 2 Launches Technology Tutoring, making technology more accessible to all ages.

Teach Me 2, the leading private tutoring company in South Africa, has just launched Technology Tutoring.

Technology tutoring is all about helping people to get the most out of the technology around them. Teach Me 2 has private tutors that can teach you (or your father!) how to use your new computer, smartphone, or tablet, how use the internet and email whilst avoiding scams, and even how to join a social network like Facebook.

We live in an era of ever-advancing technology where it's almost impossible to keep up. With technology tutoring, Teach Me 2 bridges the knowledge gap and makes technology accessible to people of all ages. As you can imagine, this service really appeals to an older demographic who want to engage with friends and family online, but just don’t know how.

Having organized well over 70 000 face-to-face lessons since 2007, Teach Me 2 has seen some incredible results through their school, university, music and language tutoring.

Teach Me 2 is constantly innovating ways to improve its service and make learning more accessible. Throughout all the innovations and changes, one thing has always been foundational to their tutoring service: the human connection.

There are many incredible services geared toward online tutoring, but there is nothing to replace – both in experience and results – the human connection. Relational learning is very much the most effective and rewarding experience, for both learner and tutor.

On their website, Teach Me 2 say they realized early on that these personal dynamics between learner and tutor significantly enrich the learning process by indirectly tackling some of the deeper and often less tangible issues (like low self-confidence and a lack of motivation) behind a learner’s difficulties.

They have extremely high standards when it comes to their tutors and only accept the best: “We want our tutors not only to be educators, but role models.” Each week, going through dozens and often hundreds of tutor applications and interviews, they pick only the most promising applicants at each of South Africa’s major university campuses.

The list of criteria is very long and covers academic proficiency, teaching style, personality and role model quality. In 2012, only 8.5% of applicants became tutors. Becoming a Teach Me 2 tutor is no mean feat! And it’s why they saw 95% of learners' marks improve through school tutoring last year – with more than two thirds improving by at least one symbol, and around 40% by two symbols*!

Whether you want to learn how to make movies on your iPad or factorize trinomials, Teach Me 2 has thetutor to help you. Go to their website to find out more.

* Survey of 200 customers with 10 or more lessons, conducted December 2012.

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