High School Options in SA


Whether your teen is moving up from a feeder school, you are moving areas or your child is making the transition to a new school, you probably have many questions. What are your options? How much choice do you really have? What's the best option for your child and your family? Where should you begin?  Here are some questions to consider:

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First Year at High School - A Parent's Guide


You are no longer the only influence on your teen's life and you have to accept that bravely! Your child's first high school teacher will (hopefully) be the one to lay down the ground rules for life at the school. The school will play a large part in influencing and impacting their self-esteem and their career as a young student, writes Sandra Buckingham.

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How to Choose A High School


Deciding which high school you are going to send your teen to is a big decision. This school will be your teen's home away from home so they need to be part of the decision. Here are some things to consider when you make your list:

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How to Plan for a Successful Gap Year


Matric exams are over, you've survived the stress and angst of parenting an almost fully-grown teenager and not long now, they'll be leaving the roost to pursue a life of their own. You've decided mutually that taking a year off to take a break from studying and discovering what is out there is a good idea. Where do you start?  

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How Important is Your Involvement with your High School Teen?


When your child reaches high school, they are at an extremely fragile, emotional, physical and social point in their lives. Along with having to contend with an ever-changing and complex curriculum, it may be a surprise to find that statistically, most parents decrease support of their child in their high school academic life.  Sandra Buckingham gives some tips. 

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