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St Teresas Mercy School
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This school doesn't offer great activities at all, they have a lack of sports and no library. They do not offer any African languages (Zulu) and this is an important factor to schools in the country. I understand that the school itself is small but it shouldn't have to force learners to attend school functions-they shall do so at their own will. Attending these functions is havoc for learners who live far from the school and i should also point out that they are forced to bring cans of food if they do not attend these functions. The fact that they do not have a senior library is not acceptable, how are learners meant to study from book when there is a lack of them? They school needs to take black learners into consideration as there is a lack of respect towards them.
I sent my child to this school thinking there were great facilities but i was proved wrong, the only positive i can point out about this school is that the education is top form, however-I've taken my child out of this school as she deserves better than this school claims to offer.
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August 10, 2010
Dear Flora
I find your review to be quite alarming as i am planning to register my child at the school next year. I just need to understand what you imply by the school needs to take "black learners into consideration" and also, you metioned that there is little respect for them. Are you saying that they are practising some form a racism or are you referring to them being late, and not affording to buy books and so on?

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