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In terms of schools, John Graham is average. There is not much that sets it apart from other schools. The discipline in the school is questionable and the principal does not do much to enforce the rules and regulations. The appearance of the school also leaves alot to be desired. The only shining quality about the school are the excellent receptionist who are more than helpful with any request. John Graham is a school which once was great, but over the past few years has slowly headed in a downward spiral of no discipline and very little pride. John Graham - Pull up your socks and show people the school you are really meant to be....
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February 05, 2011
I go to John Graham Primary School... and it is not that bad. Teachers are friendly and our principal is very responsible and has regular campaigns such as, DARE NOT TO SWEAR and REACH FOR THE STARS. We have lots of fun but are also pushed to the best of our abilities. Yes, now and then we all misbehave, but this is normal for us children. we have music concerts every year and all music pupils take part. We thank Miss. Schulenberg and Mr. Hoosain for making last years music evening a most brilliant one. I am proud of my school, and I am proud to say our motto, "HONOR & INTEGRITRY"
aliyah cloete
July 03, 2011
In reply to an earlier comment

I also attend J.G. I once, attended Muhammadeyah Primary School(which is a great school by the way). When it was my first day at school, (I started out in Gr.6) Mrs.Askew took me out to the playground. I immediatly felt at home. But when I started going to J.G I could feel that the atmosphere is different. Not in a bad way but in a really good way. Teachers are loving and caring, I'm sure that some days the kids give teachers grey hairs and thats when the screamind and shouting begins, but you come back the next day and everything is okay again because you would know where you had gone wrong. Teachers, Maintence staff and all the other workers are like a family. Mrs.Johnson is an extremely caring person and would olny repremand you when needed. I'm sure that all schools have their flaws but one thing I can say is that J.G is the most awesome school that I know of! And I love all the staff at the school. I am also proud to say our school motto "HONOUR AND INTEGRITRY".
Shakeelah Ally
July 18, 2011
I totally agrree with the first comment. Apart from the receptionists, there is not one good thing about that school. Shame on you John Graham.
Tina Turner
September 15, 2011
In reply to an earlier comment

Alesha Marco and Tina Turners comments should not be taken seriously at all. It has been written by some childish's individual with nothing better to do with themselves, they cant be taken seriously. "Tina Turner" cant even put their real name. My experience of John Graham is nothing but excellent teaching and dedicated service. One of the best primary schools in my opinion. I seriously hope that this website removes those comments as soon as possible. Its total nonsense. NOBODY should take it seriously.
Rob Fisher
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