About Schoolguide

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Schoolguide has been operating for over 12 years and each year we have bettered our data, technology and service to both parents and schools. In 2014 formed a new partnership and created a new company Embrace Education Pty Ltd.

At Schoolguide, we believe that involvement in education is vital. Whether we are parents, community activists, teachers, principals, or decision makers, we all have a critical role to play in improving South Africa’s education system.

Our decisions and actions affect the education, health, and welfare of our children. By continuing to develop and promote the use of Schoolguide, we are committed to doing what we can, to provide up to date information and analysis to help parents, educators and learners make better-informed decisions.

Our mission

  • To inspire South Africans through the promotion of excellence and achievements in education.
  • To become the single largest Online School Directory and community resource in South Africa.
  • To provide parents with current, relevant information and resources.

Schoolguide was developed to help parents easily search, compare and review schools across South Africa which are categorized by type, level and province and provides an in-depth profile not found on any other website.

For each phase of your child education, there are specific requirements; milestones, services and questions. Schoolguide offers a wealth of information for each of level in the form of articles, blogs, community answers and other digital resources.