Review Guidelines

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Reviews are a way for parents, teachers, students, and anyone else who has had a recent, direct experience with a school or service provider to share what they liked or didn't like about it.

One reason Schoolguide is the most trusted resource for school information is that we publish both negative and positive reviews. It's important, therefore, that whatever you post on Schoolguide is in line with our review guidelines. We ask that you be responsible and thoughtful when sharing your opinion, in keeping with our goal of making the Schoolguide community safe, civilized and relevant.

We strive to maintain a respectful atmosphere, so, in addition to our community guidelines, please make sure your review does not contain any of the following:

  1. Obscenities and hateful, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate language.
  2. Names! Do not target specific individuals or identify teachers, students, or staff. This is for safety and privacy reasons.
  3. Accusations that someone has committed a crime.
  4. Threats against the school, staff, or student body.
  5. Outdated or false information — for instance, the review is about a school your child never attended or has not attended in the past four years.

You can post one review for each school your children attend. If you write a second review for a school, it will replace your previous review.

Please note that reviews submitted by students will be read by a moderator and posted if they meet our guidelines. This may take a few days.

If you see a review that you feel violates our guidelines, use the "Report it" link to alert the moderators. Please keep in mind that while users are responsible for the content of their posts, we reserve the right to remove any review that is deemed inappropriate or offensive. Please review our Terms of Use for more information.