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Why list your school? is the largest and most trusted school directory in South Africa.
Every year 452,000 parents who search our database to find, compare and select a school for their children.

Make sure your school is listed so that parents find you, whether they are looking for your school, similar schools or nearby schools.

SchoolGuide does not take a commission or referral. Our simple listings structure links parents directly to your school website.
Who uses the search?

The users are a highly focused demographic. They are:

  • looking for information about a particular school
  • looking for schools in an area
  • looking for particular types of schools
  • comparing schools
  • looking for information about schooling
  • looking for school holiday dates and activities

You control your own image:

As a member you can manage and maintain your own image and keep your information up-to-date in our guide. You can also chat to parents and reply to questions in our online forums.

A hit with Google: 

SchoolGuide is highly valued by Google as a longstanding authority and we come up tops in searches. This means that all our member schools benefit and automatically obtain high-level search results, even if your website is not properly optimized for searching.