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SchoolGuide is the most searched and definitive guide to schools in South Africa.

Visitors find, compare and select schools based on criteria that are important to them, as well as find other useful schooling related news, articles and information.
SchoolGuide has approximately 1.5 million visitors annually (2014: 1.5m sessions, 1m users, 3.6m page views).  Visitors are parents looking for information about schools and schooling.

SchoolGuide offers prospective brands and advertisers a unique opportunity to positively associate their brand, product or service with schools and schooling in South Africa.  SchoolGuide is a local-specific directory, and provides interest location as well as a host of other tags related to schools and school information our users are reviewing.

SchoolGuide is looking for advertising partnerships with brands and companies that want to be seen to add value to the community of school going families in South Africa. Click Here to view our Rate Card.

If you require immediate advertising options and pricing please contact jackie@schoolguide.co.za