How to Balance Your University Life


You’ve finally done it! You have achieved the ultimate greatness and entered into the exciting world of freedom and parties that is University student life. However, with this opportunity comes a great deal of responsibility. Read on as we share our top 5 tips on how to find the balance between social life and academics.

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Career Assessments


As a parent you will know the affect you have on your child’s personal and academic development. You are also well aware that the career choice your child will make will affect where they will get to live, how much they will get to earn and who their friends will be.  

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The Benefits of Taking A Gap Year


A gap year is the period between the end of Secondary School/Grade 12 and further study, and it is intended to be exactly that – Just ONE Year! The question that haunts every parent at the end of their child's long school career is: should they do it?!

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10 Foods That Will Help You Study


We all do it. We snack on bad, sugar-laden foods while we study. It’s a necessity, surely. We need to keep our sugar levels up in order to stay awake so that we are able to study those late nights for our exam.

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How to Study for Exams like a Pro


It’s the night before your big maths exam and you are STRESSED. You’re cramming in work, books are everywhere, chip packets are strewn across the floor, your friends are begging you to stop calling them for help and that Red Bull you inhaled is just not working anymore. This is the moment where you tell yourself yet again that you will start to study sooner next time. Disaster seems imminent. Sound familiar?

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