The SA School Year and Holidays

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The school academic year starts mid-January and ends early December.

The year is normally split into 4 terms:

Term 1: mid-January to late March/early April (10-day break)
Term 2: early April to mid-June (3-week break)
Term 3: early July to late September (10-day break)
Term 4: beginning of October to early December

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Private Schools

Independent (private) schools may have a slightly different calendar. There are no universal term dates or calendars that apply to all independent schools in South Africa. Many independent schools (especially four-term schools) follow the public schools calendar, while others follow an association calendar. Some independent schools follow their own specific calendars.

The school day typically starts at 08:00 but may start as early as 07:00 in the summer in the northern provinces. Schools which start early finish early too, usually around 13:00 for the lower grade and between 14:00 and 15:00 for the higher grades. Some schools provide a school bus service.

Many schools have good facilities for sports with these being practiced after school hours.

See our School Holiday Calendar

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