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I went to Ridge Park College from the year 2004 and matriculated there in 2008. Ridge Park College is a school whereby smart and wise parents settle their daughters for a full five year period to complete their secondary education level. The commitment from the teachers and staff is remarkable. The facilities in the school make an individual explore and discover many traits to use in the outside world, which will be of benefit to her and the country. I didn't know that i was good at debating, public speaking and toastmasters.. however, going to Ridge Park made me realise that I have what it takes to compete in regionals and nationals, those where held in Cape Town. And it is totally impossible to do that alone. In other words, what I'm trying to say is that the teachers go out of their way to assist learners in any way possible, whether it is academics or extra mural activities. they are always willing to help you reach your desired goal. Passing very well was one of my goals ... and with their help, that goal was achieved.
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October 23, 2010
Definately Ridge Park College was one of the best schools ive ever attended.It thought me disapline,confidence and grow me up to be lady that i am today.
Zinhle mthethwa
January 30, 2011
For me i would say Ridge Park College played a huge role into cultivating most of its girls into becoming real stronge ladies whom are able to take on the world with both hands.
Becouse of the hard working teachers who were dedicated into helping us reach our goal, im am living my dream.they pushed, tought us and encouraged us and its becouse of them i passed well and made it this far... having recieved a bursary from the department of health, i am currently in Cuba stuying Medicine.
looking back at how i did it, i jus smile and think to myself.... ´´Im glad i went to Ridge Park College´´
Mbali Mntambo
June 18, 2011
In reply to an earlier comment

Thank you for the above words as I believe they are from the bottom of your heart . My daughter is going to Grade 7 next year(2011) and I need a school with discipline as I believe that children needs to be taught the values and morals of life now not later . As a single parent I am encouraging my daughter to study hard as I am praying for her to get a bursary as I wouldn't afford the fees for University level . My daughter wants to be a doctor , not sure if she'll change her mind as she's still young ,however I will support her anyway but all I need is for her to work hard towards her academic level and she's also a busy kid , doing drummies, she's also a member of the Gauteng Provincial Team ,playing netball, long jump, javelline , running long and short distance , she also does poems and I want to keep her busy and studying hard as well and I think this is the best school that we'll make all her dreams comes true as she hadn't had it easy in life as we were all destined to rise to greater heights...struggles and challenges shall not determine our self worth. We are not perfect in this journey of life but we also need to strive for the perfection because our Father in Heaven is perfect and on time... :-)
August 31, 2011
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i am currently doing Grade9 at ridge park college and as a student i would recommend you to take your daughter to ridge park has it has the best education and is affordable,with the best teachers and rigde park is not all about academics its also about the talents in you and the sports if you like brings out your talents that you never knew you had so,please send your daughter and you won't regret it
luyanda myeni
February 22, 2012
well Ridge Park College is the best school and i sure miss my teachers ;MRS Paulus ,Mr zwane,Mr Teja,Maka Tahiel and MS Peters and im where iam because of you guys thnks a lot .
Nomthandazo ngidi
June 08, 2012
Its great to see such glowing reports from past and present ladies of Ridge Park. I would love for the old girls to contact me at school so we can get you guys back here to address an assembly. With your help we can keep our school achieve even more
K Naidoo
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