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To all Christian parents
If you are considering enrolling your children at this school, I just wanted to give you all a heads up about the Secretary of this school, Mr Reggie Bowman. He is supposedly responsible for the schools accounts, however he is one of the most unreliable incompetent "Christian" you will ever come across. I have been experiencing endless problems with my daughters school fee payments for the better part of last year. I have contacted everyone at the school including the principal and one of the board members for assistance, however no one from management or the schools governing body ever bothered to call me back. I have been asked to constantly reconcile my child's account, which I had completed time and time again, only to receive incorrect statements month after month. My child's statement currently reflects that I owe R50k, in spite of making all my monthly payments consistently. Her year end report was also held back last year, due to their incompetence. If there are any other parents experiencing issues with your child's account at Jubilee, please do contact me at
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