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I wish I have found the kiddcare reviews before sending my sons to O'Summit Montessori. Do not to send your child to O'Summit Montessori. YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE SAFE. Your child may already be enrolled and everything seems to be going okay. My 5 year old son complained about being victimized and happily my wife listened to him instead of passing it off as a kid who does not want to attend school.

It turns out that he was being bullied by a 9 year old kid. My wife promptly addressed this with the school principal. We received some correspondence about the kid in question having some “behavioural issues” and that same was being addressed (as you can imagine this does not give me any comfort as to my son’s safety).

A few days later I asked my son to show me how the other boy had hit him as I wanted to determine whether my son was just being sensitive and/or over reacting. First he punched me on the side of my head and then proceed to punch me in the genitals. To comfort my son, I explained that we had discussed with his teachers and they would make sure that he was safe but if anything happen he should go to the office and ask them to call us and we would pick him up. A few days later he was once again victimized, my wife only discovered this when she collected him from school. He said that he went to the office and asked the staff to call us but they did not listen to him. My wife immediately went to speak to the principal but they were in a staff meeting. Due to the seriousness of the issue my wife interrupted but everyone was just dismissive of her.

After notifying the school that they were in breach of their undertaking to ensure the safety of my son, they undertook to investigate the matter. A month later I received an email setting out an explanation of the events that took place on the day that my son asked them to call him mum. As for the bully, he was given a “stern” talking (again as you can imagine this does not give me any comfort as to my son’s safety).

3 months later I finally receive an email asking for payment for the month that my sons will not be in school. Lesson learnt the hard way.
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