Starting school nerves: How to help your child adjust


Starting a new school is definitely a big deal, and the anxiety of being left alone in a strange environment can be very stressful for your child. They may have some separation anxiety and you need to know how to handle it, writes Sandra Buckingham. 

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The Benefits of Storytelling


Storytelling is as old as time. From Adam and Eve to the Trojan War, the history of human civilization rests in the stories our ancestors used to tell, perhaps around a fire, so many thousands of years ago. The advantages of reading or telling a story to your young child are many, and not only educationally, but also neurologically, psychologically, linguistically and socially. Here are seven reasons to start reading now!

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Early Childhood Development Schools: What You Should Know


South Africa is a very dynamic educational space and the government has worked hard towards defining and regulating each type of educational facility. Regulation of pre-schools and creches are particularly problematic, especially ones that have popped up in overcrowded suburbs and townships: most out of sheer necessity but some for illegal financial gain.  

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School readiness


Guidelines on how to tell if your child is ready for school. In South Africa, a child can either enter Primary school when they are 5 years old, providing they turn 6 by the end of June otherwise they have to enter school the year they turn 7. If you are unsure whether your child is ready or not then it is advisable to have a comprehensive school readiness test done. However, the following article should provide you with further insight.

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The Four Most Common Goals of Misbehaviour


Undue Attention – People, young and old desire and need attention.  But someone who needs attention all the time will resort to behaviour to keep others busy with him or to get special treatment.  

Part 2 of A Naughty Child Is A Discouraged Child!

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